Completed projects

Polish Defence Holding

  • Enterprise Project Management System – Construction of a portfolio mechanisms consistent with the strategic, project management and program management objectives adopted by the business. This made controlling schedules, budgets and product indicators easier. The launched managerial cockpits allow for evaluation of the stage of completion of the goals included in the strategy by each project.
  • lightCRM System – Made the work of the sales unit easier in respect of supporting current operations related to the tasks which are being carried out. Activating the system mechanisms that support the assessment of the tradesmen’s effectiveness and the verification of whether these activities comply with the SMART guidelines.

Shared Services Centre

  • Central procurement system for the government administration – The system allowed for the unification of the processes of managing central procurements for the entire administration. It allowed for keeping abreast of the progress of the conducted proceedings and reporting their status to the supervisory bodies.
  • Expenditure Reporting System – This implementation allowed for the streamlining of expenditure planning and clearing processes, both OPEX and CAPEX, making it easier to effectively manage the budget.
  • ERP management system – This implementation allowed for the unified management of the financial and accounting area, the sourcing and procurement area, the fixed assets and human resources.
  • Document Management System – A solution handling all papers in the company, the application controls the flow of documents allowing for full control over the documents and the processes of information processing.
  • System e-services and interactive communication with citizens for the General Directorate for Environmental Protection – This implementation supports the process of sharing information about the environment and its protection with the interested parties. (EU project UDAPOKL. 05.01.01-00-005/09-01)
  • Management System of mining organisations based on the Balanced Scorecard for the State Mining Authority in Katowice – This system allows for monitoring the stage of completion of the operational goals implemented in the strategy. (EU project UDAPOKL. 05.01.01-00-005/09-01)
  • Electronic Office Management System for the Main Veterinary Inspectorate, the Regional Inspectorate of Road Transport in Wrocław and the State Archive in Kraków – These implementations allowed for an effective and unified way of managing offices by electronic means and made it possible for the petitioners to contact those offices directly by electronic means. (EU project UDAPOKL. 05.01.01-00-005/09-01)
  • Common Intranet Platform for the public administration officers – The system allows for sharing information and knowledge within the administration, establishing new working relationships, searching for specialists in various fields among the administration officers, gives access to knowledge bases and publications. (EU project UDA-POKL.05.01.01-00-008/09-01)
  • Financial reporting system – This system allowed for preparing and sending financial reports on-line (Monitor Polski B) in accordance with the XBRL 2.1 standard based on the worked out taxonomy.

Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland

  • System supporting managing human resources in the civil service corp – To facilitate the rapid analysis of bulk data created during the process of describing and valuating job positions in the civil service using a Business Intelligence type tool.
  • System of monitoring MP’s interpellations – Improving communications between the Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the central administrative bodies (exchanging data on-line) through electronic mechanisms of transmitting MP’s applications and comments addressed to the government administration.
  • Documents Management System – Digitalization of the flow of documents which allows for conversion of all the documents into digital form using workflow mechanisms, providing tools to directly create and modify processes.
  • Corporate Portal of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister – Made it possible to work on documents from an Internet browser and collect and share data between the organizational units and staff members inside the organization. (EU project WKP_1/1.5.0/4/2009/4/38/731)